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The Shoot Out Boulder retired after 9 fast filmmaking years with their last event in 2012.

The festival was started before YouTube went viral and when VHS tape entries got screened! What a ride! In that short time, we have cheered past winners going to the Oscars, Cannes, Sundance and watched 17 & under high schoolers graduate from film schools. Thank you for making us a part of your lives!

We invite interested filmmakers and participants to venture to The Shoot Out Cheyenne for that annual autumn event. Please visit TSOC website for more information and dates. Follow the former TSOB founder Michael Conti at Michael Conti Video Productions.

A bit of history:

Michael Conti's interest in The Shoot Out goes back to Fall of 2002 when Michael Conti first contacted Kristi Street, one of the founders of the event in Australia to explore their interest in bringing over a similar event to the US.

As the Executive Director of The Shoot Out Boulder, Mr. Conti essentially executive produced 66 short films in just 24 hours. He is able to juggle intense logistics, garner community support, and communicate the mission of The Shoot Out across different cultural and educational organizations. Conti, from many different levels throughout the community, garnered sponsorship of the event.

Michael's experience in producing events goes back to 1985 when he brought the First Avant Garde Arts Festival to The Colorado College. This two day festival of arts and film brought such notables as Stan Brakhage to the school.

Volunteer Staff Contributions:

2012 Staff

AshleyClaire Albiniak-Masters, Producer

2011 Staff

Catherine Carilli, Judge Coordinator and Volunteer Lead

AshleyClaire Albiniak-Masters, Master of Ceremonies (MC)

2010 Staff

Alan O'Hashi, Producer

Catherine Carilli, Judge Coordinator and Volunteer Lead

Heather Boyle-Noland, Assistant Producer and Volunteer Coordinator

Anna Sawyer, Master of Ceremonies (MC)

2009 Staff

Catherine Carilli, Judge Coordinator

Alan O'Hashi, "Making of Doc" Producer

Heather Boyle-Noland, Event Coordinator

Ryan Duzer, MC

2008 Staff

Catherine Carilli, Judge Coordinator and Volunteer Lead

Shoshana Fanizza, Audience Outreach Specialist

Ryan Duzer, MC

2007 Staff

Jim Babb, Producer

Jared Ewy, MC

2006 Staff

Catherine Carilli & Alex Fairbanks, Judge Coordinator and Volunteer Leads

Tiffani Ioni, Additional support.

Jared Ewy, MC

2005 Staff

Marianne Leviton, Co-Producer

Beth Powell, Volunteer Coordinator

Bill Hammel, Gala Awards Producer

Robert Markle, MC

2004 Staff

Will Campbell, Producer

Roberk Markle, MC

Neither Mr. Conti nor any of the volunteer staff with the exception of the volunteer judges have any input in the actual judging of the films.

About Boulder

Twenty-six miles northwest of Denver is a mysterious, exotic locale that many people call the People's Republic of Boulder. Boulder is a captivating mountain community enriched with natural beauty, hip urban culture and a vibrant love of the outdoors. Proud to be one of Colorado’s foremost havens of commerce, education, research and recreation, Boulder is also the spirited home of the University of Colorado Buffaloes.

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